About me

I was born in Siena in I967. I received my diploma in I 984 from the Institute of art of Siena, and successively I obtained the qualification of restorer for mural and on canvas paintings at the centre for Formazione Professionale in Siena.
I was also involved into a restoring workshop of fourteenth century frescos in the chapel Of Ama GI Lecchi in Chianti. I worked in some restoring work of decorations in San Gimignano’s ex Consen/atorito of $.Chiara and in Villa di Montelonti near Poggiblonsi. 

In I997 I opened in Certaldo my own workshop where I paint and do graphic work. I have become passionate about chalcographic     techniques which now represent my main field of interest.

In I998 I was commissioned for a large painting for an altar, representing S.Michele Arcangelo and destined for the ancient romanic church of Rencine in Castellina in Chianti.

In I999-2000 I attended courses at the prestigious Florentine school “II Bisonte” where I perfected my calcographic and lithographic techniques following the Senefelder technique.

In 2006 I attended the course “Engrawings on Plexiglas, Goetz technique and other experimental techniques” by \/ladimiro Elvieri at the Kaus School in Urbino.

In 2007 I attended the course in lithography by Florence Faval at “II
Tintoretto” in Venice. In 2008 back to Bisonte to follow the course taken by Franco Pistelli on lithography. From 2011 I I intend for teaching in schools.

(foto by Tony Caston)


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