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Course of Graphic Art for adults

Suitable for anyone, including those with no basic training. techniques linoleum -drypoint -monotype inking and printing 8 hours Cost € 80 (inckuding materialis) minimum of two participants  Teacher:Silvia Borgogni    


“My loyal friends”

Each summer, during the hot month of august, i always get a welcome visit from a wonderful couple from Rome:Dott.ssa Laliana Matteucci and her husband Angelo. During their most recent visit, they particularly liked an etching on the theme of “Tango”.


Printing workshop for children

The Monoprint -The technique consists of creating an amage, which is painted onto a sheet of plexiglass in order to print it onto paper.This is done by applying light pressure with the palm of your hand. By this method, you get a copy of your image printed on the paper; this will, of course , […]


“At the Esquina Studio,an etching by Silvia Borgogni”

At the Tango School of Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega in via Sarmiento, Buenos Aires,Andrea Cerbella,in person,delivered an etching by Silvia Borgogni on the theme of the Tango.The school prides it self on its cosmopolitan clientele, and everyone who goes to the Esquina will be able to see the etching, entitled “The embrace”.   In […]

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