“Engrave and print your drawing” workshop for families

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durante un workshop


The meeting proposes a direct involvement of the whole family in the experience of engraving.
Everyone will be able to have an approach to the technique in a simple way. Each participant will be able to engrave their own design on the zinc plate (by scratching the protective paint). The mordant used is not toxic.
The whole family will obtain a print of their own engraved design, using the “Bendini” chalcographic press.
– engraving of the drawing
– bath in the bite
– paper bath
– printing of the matrix with the press

by booking two days in advance

The total cost is € 250, it includes all materials.
Children aged 5 and over can participate.
Duration of the meeting 2 + 2 hours with intermission

Silvia Borgogni creator and project manager.