“Engrave and print your drawing” workshop for families

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durante un workshop


The meeting proposes a direct involvement of the whole family in the experience of engraving.
Everyone will be able to have an approach to the technique in a simple way. Each participant will be able to engrave their own design on the zinc plate (by scratching the protective paint). The mordant used is not toxic.
The whole family will obtain a print of their own engraved design, using the “Bendini” chalcographic press.
– engraving of the drawing
– bath in the bite
– paper bath
– printing of the matrix with the press

by booking two days in advance

The total cost is € 250, it includes all materials.
Children aged 5 and over can participate.
Duration of the meeting 2 + 2 hours with intermission

Silvia Borgogni creator and project manager.


workshop “GUM PRINT” reservations required two days in advance

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The gum print, or gum printing, is a technique that with relatively poor means (a photocopy, shellac and gum arabic), allows us to create a very limited edition of prints.

The image you decide to use with the “gum print” can be a drawing, a photograph, a collage. Excellent results are obtained with well-defined and contrasted images.

The cost for a single participant is € 120, it includes all materials. Full time, with a break for lunch.
The cost for two participants is € 220.

Important note: you need a very contrasted image in the light / dark.

Preparation of materials:

You make a toner photocopy of the work you want to do, with the gum print, ________________________________________

The print:

We then proceed to the printing: taking a Plexiglas, the photocopy and the gum arabic prepared the previous evening we start the work. You take two containers, in one you put the gum arabic, in the other tap water. With a sponge, the gum arabic is passed over the Plexiglas, which will act as a support for the photocopy, so that the photocopy is then adherent to said support and does not come off during the inking phase.
The photocopy is then applied on the plexiglass and the gum arabic is passed over the entire surface of the image, in this way the toner will be receptive towards the greasy ink while the part of the image that must remain white will reject the ink.
We will discover the rest together during the workshop.

Individual etching course

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The course is aimed at everyone, even those with no previous experience.

Etching is a very common chalcographic technique and consists in corroding a metal plate (zinc) with an acid, to obtain images to be transposed onto paper using inks.
Once the plate has been prepared, it is sprinkled with a protective varnish, then the design is etched into the protective material with a tip, to expose the metal to marks.
The plate is dipped in acid, starting the incision, which can be performed several times, gradually uncovering the parts to be engraved, to obtain marks of different depths.
Printing takes place by means of the chalcographic press, first by spraying the plate with ink and placing the paper to be printed on it.
We will find out everything else together.

-Preparation of zinc
– engraving of the drawing
– immerse the dish
-inking and final printing
– small print run of the matrix

– apron or dressing gown to avoid getting dirty
– latex gloves

zinc plate 13 x 18 cm
paper and ink
tarlatan to clean the matrix
duration of the course 10 hours (to be managed by prior arrangement)
COST: € 250
Information: silvia.borgogni@gmail.com cel. 3687765533


Let’s play at making colorful prints using the monotype(reservations required two days before)

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monotype; technique it literally means “one footprint”.

The meeting proposes a direct involvement of the whole family in the monotype experience, as a stimulus to communication and creativity of adults and children through the use of this simple technique.
Each participant will be given a small palette of colors or a plexiglass tablet already inked where they can draw their own drawing.
The whole family will get a monotype print.

The total cost is € 130, it includes all materials.
Children from 5 years old can participate.
Duration of the meeting about 1 hour.

Silvia Borgogni creator and project manager