Individual etching course

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The course is aimed at everyone, even those with no previous experience.

Etching is a very common chalcographic technique and consists in corroding a metal plate (zinc) with an acid, to obtain images to be transposed onto paper using inks.
Once the plate has been prepared, it is sprinkled with a protective varnish, then the design is etched into the protective material with a tip, to expose the metal to marks.
The plate is dipped in acid, starting the incision, which can be performed several times, gradually uncovering the parts to be engraved, to obtain marks of different depths.
Printing takes place by means of the chalcographic press, first by spraying the plate with ink and placing the paper to be printed on it.
We will find out everything else together.

-Preparation of zinc
– engraving of the drawing
– immerse the dish
-inking and final printing
– small print run of the matrix

– apron or dressing gown to avoid getting dirty
– latex gloves

zinc plate 13 x 18 cm
paper and ink
tarlatan to clean the matrix
duration of the course 10 hours (to be managed by prior arrangement)
COST: € 250
Information: cel. 3687765533